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What We Focus On

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We encourage children with a variety of art mediums and materials to enable them to explore their own creativity.

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Our discovery sessions encourage children’s imagination yet be analytical and use planning to help stimulate their right and left brain together.

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Science & Logic

Science sessions focus children to explore their surroundings through interactive Science & Math stations.

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Art & Music

Arts and music sessions not only encourage creativity and discovery but also enhances language and literacy.

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We plan structured and unstructured play time for children to explore their interests yet stay active and moving.

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Nutrition plays an integral part in the overall development of children and as such, we focus on providing well-balanced snacks and meals every day of the week.

(3 - 18 months)

At Kidzee we are committed to make your child’s first experience away from home a pleasant and smooth one. Our caregivers will provide each infant with personalized attention, care, and opportunities to learn and develop at their own pace.

First-year of a child’s life is very important as a child’s mind is growing faster than ever. Our trained staff will turn your baby’s everyday routines into opportunities for developing their motor skills and enhancing their understanding of the world around them. Our infant program is based on the understanding that each baby is unique and we follow their pattern of sleeping, eating, and playing.

We understand that secure attachment is most important at this age. We provide arrangements if you want to nurse your infant by visiting the center or want to feed the baby with bottled breast milk.

(19 - 36 months)

Our toddler program supports your child’s desire to discover and their need for independence while providing them a safe and secure environment. Our experienced and specialized staff uses techniques based on Montessori and Reggio Emilia philosophies to enhance child’s interests and learning.

Toddlers are provided with time and opportunities to engage in activities of their interest. They are exposed to language, music, art, and all kind of physical movements to meet their individual developmental needs. They are provided with ample opportunities to express themselves through art, singing, and dance.

(3 - 5 years)

At Kidzee, our preschool program will emphasize an active and effective learning style. Focusing on problem-solving skills, reading, and writing, along with various math concepts, creativity and logic will be encouraged through play and custom-tailored activities. We believe in introducing new worlds of learning to children by referencing relatable topics and asking thoughtful questions that inspire them to wonder about their world. Each month brings a fresh inquiry topic for the preschoolers to explore. Supporting the families, our team will ensure a positive and effective learning environment for both you and your child, in the classroom and at home. Providing a solid foundation for learning, we ensure their preparedness for entry into kindergarten.

(5 - 6 years)

Our Kindergarten programs are taught by Alberta Certified Teachers. Kindergarten programs play an important role in developing a child’s sense of independence and responsibility. Children learn expression through music, art, and creative movements. Science concepts are explored with a variety of experiences with materials. They are exposed to vocabulary, storytelling, and group participation. They are taught concepts of numbers, time, and measurement. Social development is equally focussed.

Our educational philosophy is based on the premise that children are most successful at learning that generates from their interests, needs, strengths, and lived realities. Educators use observations of children throughout the day as a tool for constructing curriculum content. Unique learning needs of children are supported. There is increased parental involvement and diversity is fully celebrated.

Before & After School Program
(6 - 12 years)

Our before and after school program is planned to provide a warm, caring environment to develop children’s creative, intellectual, emotional, social, and physical needs. We foster the total development of children by providing;

Warm friendly atmosphere with trained educators.

Variety of learning experiences for children to be more independent and boost their self-confidence.

To assist parents in acquiring information related to child development practices and to encourage children’s involvement in various volunteering activities.


My daughter loved this Child care from the day she saw the place. They are opening in Jan/2022 and she cant already wait to go to her new daycare.

Russell Gray

The staff is really friendly and amazing, Enrollment process was so easy and simple. Not like other places where they make you fill 50 forms.

Janice Meyer

Great location for Kidzee, They are located right on Country Hills on my way to work. They are opening in Jan and their working hours cant be any better.

Amber Wood

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