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Our Focus

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Creative expression through activities, play & art enhances learning and is fun for children. We encourage children with a variety of art mediums and materials to enable them to explore their own creativity. Dramatic play is also an integral part of child’s development, allowing them to use their vivid imaginations and natural creativity. Creativity is an integral part of right-brain stimulation.


Our discovery sessions encourage children’s imagination yet be analytical and use planning to help stimulate their right and left brains together. A healthy environment for discovery through play is provided in multiple discovery stations found within each classroom. Children can engage in fine motor or manipulative activities, such as puzzles, and make fun of Legos. This also focuses on various practical life skills such as pouring and measuring, latching, lacing, zipping, and buttoning.


Science sessions focus children to explore their surroundings through interactive Science & Math stations. They investigate, predict, create and evaluate their world through the project and inquiry-based learning, as well as sensory exploration. Building blocks, magnets, and other hands-on play all help formulate a sense of structure, planning, and learning. Logic, numeracy, literacy are all integral parts of left-brain stimulation.


Learning to constructively deal with emotions is a fundamental challenge for all children. It is the sense of self-expression that helps with positive social interactions and ensure children have opportunities for social and emotional growth each day. Through active engagement with friends and caregivers, they share meaningful experiences. Arts and music sessions not only encourage creativity and discovery but also enhances language and literacy.


We design our center around physical activity, with well-equipped indoor and outdoor play areas. Children learn sportsmanship and teamwork, as well as have that essential time to run around and stay active. We plan structured and unstructured play time for children to explore their interests yet stay active and moving.


Nutrition plays an integral part in the overall development of children and as such, we focus on providing well-balanced snacks and meals every day of the week. In case of allergies, caregivers are made aware of any allergies a child may have, and allergy lists are posted in each room and recorded in room binders. All our staff are educated on recognizing symptoms of allergic reactions and receive annual training on the administration of epinephrine.

Highlights of our Programs:

  • Learning through activity and play
  • Unlimited fun and learning experiences
  • Focus on Left Brain & Right Brain stimulation
  • Focus on social, emotional and physical well-being
  • Different sessions throughout the day to keep children engaged
  • Nutritious meals and snacks
  • Bright spacious well-equipped classrooms
  • Large playground for outdoor experiences
  • Variety of activity materials and classroom supplies
  • Certified staff with ongoing professional development