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Daycare services are important for a lot of parents today because quite frankly many families need more than one source of income to get by financially. This usually requires them to combine multiple jobs for them to fully support each family member of their households.

Oftentimes, parents in Country Hills—NW Calgary AB—don’t usually have the assistance they require or the capacity to raise their children on their own and still be able to hold down their jobs.

Since combining both responsibilities of caring for their families and managing their jobs can be a lot to handle for most parents, the way out is to look for a suitable daycare facility in Country Hills.

Making use of daycare services comes with several benefits which include economic, social, and academic benefits for both parents and their kids.

It has been reported that infants and children usually within the ages of six months to four years, benefit quite well from the childcare settings and environment, including academic and social lessons and quality instructions from caregivers.

Why are child care and early education crucial?

Quality child care and education help ensure that children are kept safe and healthy during their early years of development, and also gives them an insight into school life, this way it becomes relatively easier for them to adapt when they’re introduced to it as they grow older.

What are the guidelines for picking a good daycare in Country Hills?

In search of qualified daycare services, the following are sure to guide you to make the best decision.

Television time

Media access should be limited to a maximum of half an hour per day. Kids should be free to spend some time outside for at least two hours a day minimum with supervision and depending on the weather.

Extracurricular activities

Do the care providers organize activities and experiences that facilitate learning across every developmental domain; physical, creative, social, and intellectual?


There must be inclusive approaches to foster all forms of diversity, social and educational, to cater to every child’s needs.

Monitoring each child's individual growth by proper documentation

Measures have to be in place to assess each child’s mental and emotional development. The children should be made to feel that it’s ok to voice how they feel. This helps them to feel safe and comfortable in their environment and those around them, including the staff

Meals have to be prepared following Canada’s Food Guide

When choosing a country hills daycare in NW Calgary ab, Canada. Endeavor to pick one that prepares food as stipulated by Canada’s childcare food guide.

What are some questions to ask the daycare centre

Before enrolling your child in a daycare facility these are some important information you need to acquire.

What age group do they accept?

Most daycare facilities are well equipped and with experienced staff capable of caring for children of all ages. However, some have requirements in regards to the ages of children they allow to enroll. Therefore you must find out if there are any such requirements beforehand.

How long does it take to enroll in the daycare centre and its operating hours?

First of all, phone in and find out if there are any available spots, then inquire about how long it’s going to take to enroll, the location, operating hours, and other relevant information.

Final words

There’s no shortage of daycare services in Canada regardless of your location. And by taking everything you’ve read in this article as you go on your search, there’s no way you can go wrong.